Restaurant Mravalzhamieri is the best destination, combining Georgian and European stiles. Its infrastructure, big and small halls, terraces, beautiful yard will suite and please any kind of visitor.
The restaurant is standing out with the wide variety of traditional Georgian and European cousin, also special dishes and variety of beverages.


gourmet for gourmet
cold dish cold dish
soup soup
bread bread
hot dish hot dishes
dessert dessert
tea & coffee tea / coffee
wine wine
champagne champagne
alcohol strong alcohol
low alcohol soft alcohol
beer beer

Special and different kinds of musical programs make every evening unique for the visitors. Traditional and European songs, Latin and Georgian national dances make each evening memorable for a lifetime. The musical program starts after 8 p.m. and lasts till 01 a.m.

The elegant interior, variety of halls, delicious cousin, entertainment programs, highest level of service give any visitor a chance to plan and spend a memorable evening at the restaurant Mravalzhamieri. Mravalzhamieri offers best possibilities for corporate evenings. The big and small halls allows to have any scale of corporate parties. There is a possibility to book halls for 35, 40, 130 and 250 persons.